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Poison Arrow (3:43)
Sonic Youth
The Eternal

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Born in a Trunk     Uriah Heep     Rock        Very 'Eavy...Very 'Umble     3:45    
Venus     Claw boys claw     Rock        Hitkillers     3:59    
Action Radius     Junkie XL     Electronica        Big Sounds of the Drags     3:54    
D.M.C.     End Of Data     Coldwave        Dans Votre Monde     2:57    
Out of the Dark Room     Loop Guru     newage        Catalogue of Desires Volume 3     10:24    
Vortex     Mekanik Kommando     Industrial        It Would Be Quiet In The Woods     2:51    
The Violence of Truth     The The            Mind Bomb     5:41    
Bunny Scott / What's The Use     Various Artists     Reggae        Lee (Scratch) Perry - Larks From The Ark     3:25