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14 Ehying (4:26)
Dennis Bovell
Brain Damage (1981)


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Spiegelbild     Unheilig     Gothic Rock        Puppenspiel Digipak     5:37    
Arms Control Poseur (single version)     The Fall     Alternative        Extricate     5:05    
Anarchy In The UK     Sex Pistols     Punk        Never Mind the Bollocks Here's     3:31    
Radioactive Flood     Poesie Noire     Darkwave        Complicated (compilated 84-89)     4:01    
Engel (Speed-Metal-House-RMX)     Rammstein     Industrial        Brachiale Gewalt     6:20    
marjorie     Taylor Swift            evermore     4:18    
Funerali     Helium Vola     Electronic        Helium Vola     0:56