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In the dutch mountains     Claw boys claw     Rock        Hitkillers     2:56    
"Krst (Baptism)"     Laibach            "Opus Dei"     5:40    
Singapur     In Extremo     Gothic Rock        Mein Rasend Herz     3:54    
Clive And Naomi - You Are Mine     Trojan Ska Box Set Volume 2     Ska        Trojan : Ska Box Set Volume 2 (Disc 2)     2:03    
Vor Vollen Schusseln     Corvus Corax     Folklore        Tempi Antiquii     5:24    
Panzermensch     And One            Virgin Superstar     5:04    
First And Last February     Martyn Bates     Alternative        Letters To A Scattered Family + The Return Of The Quiet     3:02    
Lie Dream of Casino Soul     The Fall     Alternative        Hip Priest and Kamerads     3:10